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A Letter From The Owners

Before the existence of Land Services, Inc., Diane and I spent many years working together in the field on right of way projects throughout the United States.

There came a moment when we decided together to step out and start our own business. Not knowing the name would become so popular, we chose LAND SERVICES, INC. to describe our vision. To provide services of quality and excellence on projects that impact the lands of the United States. We started in a small shop with a handful of employees never envisioning our business would grow into a successful multi-state operation.

Since the founding of Land Services, Inc. 25 years ago, we have had the incredible opportunity to work on hundreds of projects from the US shores of the Atlantic to the Pacific, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. We’ve been fortunate enough to branch out and provide numerous services such as right of way, records management, environmental, permitting, mapping, and construction and inspection support.

All of this would not have been possible without our loyal employees and supportive clients.

To our employees, thank you for your dedication and your commitment to the ethics of hard work, honestly and kindness which leads to strong relationships and quality results. You are the face of LSI and have represented us well. Many of you have poured your lives and talents into LSI for numerous years. You are a blessing and our appreciation cannot be fully expressed.

To our clients, without your confidence in us throughout the years, our story would not be as successful. Thank you for entrusting us to work for you and beside you. We look forward to strengthening our relationship while continuing to provide high-quality services on your projects.

Over the past 25 years we have experienced many adventures as well as overcome many challenges. While respecting and treasuring those years, we are ready to press ahead and focus on a thriving future for LSI. While keeping our integrity and foundation unwavering, we will strive to lead our employees and serve our clients with the upmost regards.

With gratitude,